Blackthorn, Box Hill

Blackthorn, Box Hill

Yesterday, a friend posted on Facebook about the soon-to-be increase in first class stamps from 46p to 60p, thus inviting a few, not too surprisingly, negative comments (including from me!). These were, however, nicely rounded off by a very enlightened lady, with “What a bargain, I wouldn’t like to deliver them myself”. How lovely – a positive slant! I certainly wouldn’t want to have to trail up to Manchester or Glasgow or wherever every time I wanted to send a card or letter. In the grand scheme of things it IS actually a bargain.

This came on the tail of a couple of challenging days for me. I had been to a new dentist on the Monday morning and had been found wanting in the brushing department let’s say!! It hadn’t been a pleasant experience; the dentist’s delivery lacked empathy; I felt railroaded into a dental plan a mile long, and I came away shaken, tense and feeling quite angry. Several Bach Flower remedies and some meditation later, I could see the hidden blessings / lessons within! It has made me realise I needed to be more mindful of my brushing in future and that I would feel happier working with a holistic dentist going forward. Quite a bargain – TWO positives coming out of an “awakening” experience.

It is not always easy to see the positive in something immediately. It can take time to find the proverbial silver lining of every cloud. Sadly, we live in a negative culture. There is almost an enjoyment in finding fault and a denial in celebrating positives. Complaining is infectious.

Negativity holds tension within each of the cells in our body and drains us of far too much energy, energy which would be far better used in repairing, cleansing and nurturing our cells so that our health could be the very best that it can be.

Changing the way we look at a situation can help raise a smile (it certainly did for me when I imagined myself in a traffic jam on the M25 trying to deliver a single letter, d’oh!!); it can release tension and make us grateful for all the blessings we do have. As a result we can feel lighter and more energetic, and that energy can go towards nurturing each and every one of our cells.

Now that’s what I call a silver lining!!