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Blog 2012-05-08 When Good Cells turn bad - FRAZZLED cells #1

Last count, I had 70 trillion and 2 cells. (Counting cells is a great antidote to insomnia.) When you think about it, that’s quite some population all living under the same roof (and quite some insomnia!!) all getting along swimmingly, and amazingly every one of them in tune with what’s going on at any one time. Our cells live in a sophisticated communication network. You have only got to think about stress (aargh!) to illustrate this. When there is a perceived danger, all the cells go into fight or flight mode, and will perform their own individual emergency drill so that the whole organism can live another day! Each has its own speciality: some will raise the blood pressure, some will create more energy, some will dilate the bronchioles etc. Whatever is happening, whether it is stress looming large, or a happy event, certain cells are manufacturing informational substances, despatching them in blood and nerves and the rest of the cells get a speedy notification and a call to action through their letterbox telling them what’s going on. For letterbox – read receptor site, at which an informational substance docks and unloads its message into the cell.

In health, the 70 trillion cells (and 2) sing from the same hymn sheet, they work and live in unison.

So what is happening in illness? Our cellular communication becomes faulty. Selfless cells become selfish; some become confused; some don’t even recognise their old buddies.

It has been said that in cancer, cells are acting selfishly. Instead of giving in to apoptosis (programmed cell death) the cells are somehow striving for immortality and crowding out their neighbours. In auto-immune diseases, immune cells attack self as they no longer recognise one of their own.

How can this possibly happen?

There is no doubt that these cells are no longer healthy. They have turned “bad”. But who can blame them? For years they have been subjected to an onslaught of toxins in their air, food and water. Toxins from toiletries and makeup absorbed via the skin have added to their load too. And let’s not forget the steady drip-feed of stress in our so called civilised 21st century world. Instead of getting on with their daily routine tasks of repair, growth and functioning, the cells have been jumping at the sound of the body’s alarm bell, throwing down their repair kits and putting all their energy instead into their emergency drills. The poor cells are no doubt exhausted! At the same time, they have not been provided with the resources (nutrients and water) to help repair them or clear away the toxicity. They have become more and more swamped in a rubbish pile by both external toxins and those produced by cell metabolism, to the point that they are drowning! Communication breaks down. They become fearful and selfish in order to survive.

I am not suggesting that an individual deliberately or consciously decides to get ill. Far from it. But when it comes to health, we do need to take personal responsibility. We need to take the reins of our own lives. We cannot afford to rely on governments and big food (and other) companies to do the right thing. They are not interested in our health. They are interested only in “£”s.

Just look at advertising. We are lulled into thinking that we can look sexy, young and healthy if we drink fizzy drinks, when in reality our bones are crumbling and our immune systems are compromised. Perhaps we are meant to think also that we will be able to run a 4 minute mile if we eat at MacDonald’s. After all it is the official restaurant of the Olympics.

Recently my own faith was shaken in my favourite supermarket (which will remain nameless though it has some nice green branding). They were reported to be stocking Monsanto products (a big company pushing for worldwide Genetically Modified (GM) foods!). When questioned they said that it was alright because the product was non GM and was produced by a subsidiary of Monsanto. This, as far as I was concerned, was giving the thumbs up, and holding the door wide open (with a big WELCOME sign over it) to a big corporation in favour of manipulated and dangerous “foods”. Eating these is like committing a slow painful suicide. As a result, I have lost faith in them, and they have lost my custom.

I invite you to take personal responsibility for your own health. Try minimising the toxins getting into your body and maximising the nutrients you eat and drink. This will go a long way to restoring the health of your cells and their communication network.

I know we cannot do much about the toxic chemicals in the air, nor for that matter have we much control over what is put in our water (except by investing in a good quality water filter) but we can be more discerning about our weekly shop! Get super-savvy! Question what is in things, read ingredients lists, refuse GM, ask yourself whether a product will nurture or harm each of your cells.

To misquote Lord Kitchener – “Your cells NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” 🙂 🙂 🙂