Blog 2012-05-18 Hornbeam (E) (Not my photo)

Each of the 39 Bach Flower Essences is what I call a “healing helper” and I regularly use them to help rebalance me emotionally. My focus today is on Hornbeam, mainly because it spoke to me directly at the beginning of last week, but also because its qualities relate to how a lot of people around me seem to be feeling right now. So, let’s take a look at what Hornbeam essence can offer us.

I shall start off by telling you a little about why I felt the need for it, to illustrate its use.

For the past few weeks, I was having trouble with my right knee. I had cut out my regular and much loved dancing to be “sensible”, and over a busy fortnight, in preparation for various events I was running and participating in, I had been doing a lot of sitting on bottom, in front of the PC. I had intended going for a gentle walk each day, but inertia seemed to set in, encouraged by the soggy weather. So, in summary, I channelled most of my energy into mental activities, with little physical activity to balance it out. As a result I was left feeling mentally and a little physically weary, and although I had lots of projects that I wanted to get on with, I found that I just couldn’t be bothered!! Enter Hornbeam ………….

Hornbeam is indicated where we have that “Monday morning feeling”; where we feel weary at just the thought of the day ahead and fear we may not have the energy to meet its demands; where we feel the need for a stimulant such as coffee to kick start us; life perhaps is too routine and lacks variety so we feel jaded; fatigue is more mental than physical. It can be useful, as in the example above, where a student has been glued to his books in preparation for an exam but has failed to balance the mental exertion with physical activity and fresh air. It can also be useful when our heads are buzzing from too much TV. Our spiritual vitality has faded, we are in a mental rut, but amazingly this weariness disappears instantly when something out of the ordinary happens, or something challenging enough is presented!!

A few drops in water, sipped throughout the day, can really help. The negative Hornbeam state can be temporary or more long lasting. If the latter, take at least 4 times a day for a week or two or until you feel more refreshed. It is also a good idea to support this with a break in routine, doing something out of the ordinary or a change of scenery, perhaps weaving in some daily physical activity.