A study came out recently with a boo and a hiss against organic produce (again!). As the study was from Stanford University in the USA, one could be forgiven for thinking that as only pearls of wisdom could possibly flow forth from such a prestigious seat of learning that their claims that organic produce was no healthier than conventional (you know – pesticide-ridden and/or genetically modified) was unquestionable.

Looking a little deeper it transpires that one of the co-authors has a history of churning out “anti-science” propaganda (in the past in favour of Big Tobacco – and we all know how healthy that is!), and that Stanford has financial ties to a major corporate with lots of dollars tied up in promoting biotechnology (i.e. Genetically Modified foods). Oooo – does anyone else smell a rat?

Surely, COMMON SENSE tells us that a food infused with nasty pesticides isn’t going to do our cells any good. The pesticides are sprayed on crops in order to kill off bugs. Bugs, like us, are living organisms, so if they harm the bugs – why not us too? Ok, thy might not kill us outright within a minute of eating them, but they can play havoc slowly and silently until one day we wake up and wonder why we are starring in our own health scare. Believe me – it didn’t happen overnight – it will have been brewing inside you for several years.

And as for GM foods!! Ditto to the above! Don’t believe for a second that it will “feed the world”. It will more likely kill it. Already linked to allergies, it is predicted that these unnatural Frankenstein products will trigger amongst other things autoimmune disease and cancer. Trials on animals (don’t even start me on that!) have shown some dire results.

A journalist for the New York Times had a jolly time writing nonsense to back the study up, entitling it “The Organic Fable” and pretty much saying that anyone wanting to eat organic for their health was part of a cult following! I suppose it makes a change from being called a Luddite!!

I don’t care if the world wants to label me cuckoo; I DO care what I put inside my body. I want to enjoy a long, healthy, pain-free, vibrant life. I also wish the same for everyone else and for the planet that sadly is being slowly poisoned along with us.

I strongly recommend that anyone wishing to maintain their health or even improve it should go organic as much as possible. Why? Fewer poisons in; less stress on your cells and tissues; more nutrients to repair and nurture you; a lower risk of serious illness.

When a study / report / silly article comes out – ask yourself what the underlying agenda is and who does it benefit? Universities need funding for their research and sadly use wealthy corporates to influence the outcomes.

Don’t take your health and your food supply for granted. Vote with your purse; ask questions; sign petitions to say NO to GMO. There is currently a big petition demanding that GM foods are labelled in the USA and it’s making a difference – even the giant Monsanto are taking note.

Remember the wonderful words of Mother Theresa

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.”

Go on ……….. be a proactive drop in the ocean!!