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A =  Impatiens (2)

Impatiens, Dorking

I consider my set of BACH FLOWER ESSENCES as 39 friends on hand to calm me when I feel out of balance emotionally. Four worth considering at Christmas are:

* Vervain – where we are enthusiastically trying to produce the perfect Christmas and finding ourselves unable to relax. This essence helps us to do just that – relax and enjoy, without doing things to death and striving for perfection!

* Impatiens – when we feel tense, irritable and impatient, perhaps because the children are playing up or others aren’t doing things as quickly as we’d like. We find it hard to cope with the frustrating Christmas queues and delays!! This essence helps to bring patience and the realisation that everything happens in its own time.

* Elm – where you have so much on your plate (and I’m not talking too much turkey here), and you feel overwhelmed by it all. This essence helps to put our “list” into perspective and renews our confidence in being able to do what needs to be done.

* Olive for when you are simply exhausted mentally and physically from over doing things in the run up before the big day. This essence brings us a sense of peace and renewed strength but also gives us insight into how we overdid things to begin with to get so exhausted.

Do any of these speak to you? These are just 4 of my “friends”. There are many more to choose from.

For a more general helping hand – there is always * Rescue Remedy which can be used for major and minor traumas – anxiety before an event, the after effects of an argument or perhaps an accident in the home. It helps to restore calm, diffuse shock and trigger the body’s self-healing into action. NOTE: if you experience a medical emergency, this can be used whilst waiting for (but not instead of) medical help – a few drops on the tongue or pulse points.