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O Clematis at end of Dorking railway carpark Dec-2012 (1)

Bach Flower – Clematis helps us root our dreams and goals in reality 

Yes, I know I have written about Clematis relatively recently, but seeing it adorn the fences of the nearby railway the other weekend, it made me think about New Year’s resolutions and how some of them often remain as pipe-dreams only.

So Clematis is making its second appearance in my blog!!

The airy-fairy dreaminess of Clematis becomes all too apparent in the winter months, when it blankets the otherwise bare and quite dull hedgerows!! With its grey wispy appearance it looks rather ghost-like, reminding us that those in a negative Clematis state are hardly present. They maybe physically present, standing there before us, but their thoughts are usually far away, dreaming of the future, of a better life.

As we approach the end of 2012 and the beginning of a new year ahead, it is common to make resolutions. We may dream of being a gorgeous, slimmer version of ourselves, or of making a great success of our new business venture but these will remain as pipe dreams if all we do is take a Clematis approach to the future.

Dreams ARE important. Visualising ourselves as our future selves can motivate us towards achieving our goals, but we need also to ground ourselves and actually DO something. We need to live in the now, and put in some effort, whilst at the same time holding that dream.

If we wish to lose unwanted pounds we need to get off our bottoms and exercise, as well as taking a good hard look at what we eat and making changes. If we dream of a successful business, we may need to put in hours of training, networking and advertising.

The bottom line is that we cannot hope to write a masterpiece if we do not put pen to paper!!

The Bach Flower Essence of Clematis helps to root us in reality and gives us a firm foundation on which to grow our dreams into a reality.