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A brand new year gives us all a chance to turn over a new leaf. As a lover of stationery, I like to see life as a journal. At the beginning of January, we can draw a line under our old year, which may have seen an odd bad habit creep in and perhaps a few Christmas excesses, and now we are faced with a blank page on which we can scribble our intentions, hopes, dreams and goals for the year ahead.

Central to all this should be our health. Yes, I know I keep repeating myself BUT THIS IS SO IMPORTANT.

Be proactive. Take time now to focus on you – to ensure your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing are the best that they can be. If you don’t take time now, you may well be forced to take considerable time out when it’s not that convenient. Big diseases don’t just suddenly visit us one evening out of thin air. Often they are brewing for several years, fuelled by our poor diets, lack of exercise, and lack of care for ourselves. Just a little time each day spent on looking after “me” can reap long-term benefits.

A lot of people get a rush of blood to the head in January and sign up for gym membership or resolve to go running every day. That’s great, but not if you are still cramming cakes and eating a poor diet. Your already depleted reserves will be strained even further and injuries are more likely as well as feeling under par. Likewise, there is only so much benefit from being a couch-smoothette – a term I made up to denote a green-smoothie eating couch-potato!!

A healthy diet and lifestyle (including regular exercise) go hand in hand. They are not mutually exclusive!!

Make nourishing yourself with health-giving foods and exercising your daily habits in 2013. You are sure to see and feel the difference.

Wishing you a healthy 2013