Wild Rose in Dorking, Surrey

I’ve had several frustrating moments whilst driving when I’ve seen a beautiful Wild Rose bush by the side of the road, and as much as I’d like to screech to a halt, pop out and take some photos, I’m not sure my fellow motorists would be too amused.

Thankfully, whilst walking around Denbies, Dorking, yesterday, we came across some Wild Roses. Yay!!! One happy me. 🙂

It’s a very pretty and delicate looking flower with five pale pink or white heart-shaped petals. Its curved thorns resembling a dog’s canine tooth, give it its Latin name “Rosa Canina”.

My excitement at finding it (I’m on a quest to photograph all the Bach Flowers) clearly showed I wasn’t actually in need of the essence that day!! Wild Rose Essence is indicated where there is a general apathy in life. There is almost an emotional numbness; a lack of emotional expression, not just of joy and happiness, but also of those emotions which can arise when things aren’t going too well either – such as frustration or depression. It’s a bit of a flat-liner with no ups or downs. We are simply existing, and not embracing life.

In negative Wild Rose state we tend to be resigned to how life is. We aren’t proactive or reactive! Uncomplainingly we just go through the motions of life, doing nothing to improve our situation. Maybe we are ill or in an unrewarding job. Maybe life has got a little boring, doing the same old day-in and day–out. Negative Wild Rose does nothing to get better or find a more suitable job, or even seek out life’s simple pleasures. “That’s life” is a good motto for him.

Wild Rose Essence helps fuel a sense of purpose in life, however young or old we are. We feel a desire to make the most out of life. It’s definitely a “living in the now” essence, helping us to see life almost through a child’s eyes, curious and enthusiastic about the world about us. We don’t have to be doing something wildly exciting to enjoy life, we can just appreciate life’s pleasures, however small……. Like finding Wild Rose bushes on our doorstep!!! 🙂