Blog 2014-01-20 Happy Cells Drinking Water - redone

I was watching a small clip on the internet the other day and was inspired to scribble down a bit of what was said (the below is just paraphrased) as it is so appropriate for the start of a year when we make resolutions.

Align your life with your intentions. Dress as the person you want to be. Eat as the person you want to be. Breathe each breath as the person you want to be. Start practising that NOW.

Reframe your thoughts. This is a new moment, a new opportunity.

It’s very simple. To succeed we need to align all aspects of our life with our intentions. So if you have set a New Year’s Resolution to be healthier, a good place to start is by eating as the person you want to be. Let’s not forget drinking water as the person you wish to be too!! A friend recently asked me to write down 10 good reasons to drink water, preferably on headed notepaper, so that she could include it in her “Secret Santa” gift to her husband, along with a water bottle, in the hopes that he would take the hint and start drinking more. Even if you are a water-fan, it’s sometimes good to be reminded of the benefits of water drinking!!

10 good reasons to drink WATER

  • Your cells are made up of 70 – 80% water, so it makes them happier.
  • Happy healthy cells = Happy healthy YOU.
  • Clearer thinking, better focus, better memory
  • Smoother, more comfortable digestion
  • More fluid movements (and no we aren’t talking digestion again) – this time it’s healthy joints!!
  • Clearer, healthier, more handsome / beautiful skin
  • Happier waterworks and kidneys
  • Better circulation, so that oxygen and nutrients reach those faraway bits like your fingertips and tootsies, not to mention all the cells in between, making them happy (See above!)!
  • Healthier lungs and breathing
  • A more fluid lymph system which means a stronger immune system to help avoid those pesky colds etc
  • More energy – YAY!!

So go on ………. You know you want to …………… have a glass or two of water

And if you aren’t convinced that getting healthier is a worthwhile goal for this year, remember the wisdom of Benjamin Franklin: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Another words, don’t wait until you are ill to get off your bottom to do something. Take a proactive role in your health and enjoy a truly vibrant life.