When people think about health and illness they usually tend to think only about their physical body. Are they in pain? Are they always tired? And so on. What is rarely considered is the health of their emotions and thoughts. Our health is made up of various aspects: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I visualise each of these as a corner to a tetrahedron (a pyramid with a triangular bottom). When one of them is knocked off balance, it can affect the other corners too. We see this in our life. Think of having a fall and injuring yourself badly. For someone usually active, a spell convalescing can result in frustration and perhaps depression. This is a good example of where a physical imbalance can affect our emotional state. Receiving really bad news can cause some people to faint. When we are stressed, we are more susceptible to falling ill because our immune system is compromised. These are good examples of where emotional / mental imbalances can affect us physically.

When we have an emotional issue, it can sometimes feel like a piece of baggage that we are carrying around 24/7 and at times it can feel quite heavy. Maybe we are worried about our job, feel guilty about something we did years ago or are afraid of something? Whilst some issues are longstanding, others are in response to our daily lives, such as suddenly feeling overwhelmed by all we have to do, or maybe losing confidence temporarily. All emotional issues, though, are energy vampires, draining us of precious energy which our cells need to nourish, cleanse and heal, and this can really undermine our general health and wellbeing, often manifesting in physical symptoms. This is why it is important to balance ourselves emotionally. By releasing an emotion, we can rebalance at all levels and thus help the healing process.

So how can we rebalance emotionally? Bach Flower Essences are Nature’s gentle healers and can help us to overcome both temporary and more chronic emotional issues. I see them as a friendly hand to hold as I travel through life’s ups and downs J

There are 38 essences to choose from as well as the most well known – “Rescue Remedy” – a combination of five essences, created to help in all emergency situations. A must for any first aid kit, handbag, travel kit etc! It includes: Star of Bethlehem for shock; Rock Rose for terror and panic (when you feel like a rabbit in headlights); Cherry Plum for desperation; Impatiens for mental stress and tension; and Clematis for the faraway feeling which often precedes loss of consciousness. It is designed to relieve the immediate impact of any mental, emotional or physical shock such as bad news or an accident, as well as helping with more minor events which cause stress such as interviews, exams, dental appointments or arguments. I like Healing Herbs’ version “Five Essences”. Simply take 4 drops in a glass of water and sip frequently.

Flower Essences are perfectly safe to take, and have no side effects. They are not magic bullets, so we cannot expect instant happiness, but they do help to take the charge out of something, which is particularly useful post-trauma as we are then no longer completely out of kilter and can heal more easily.