Spring Detox time

Now that we have had a few sun-blessed days, I think we can be sure that spring is well on its way. Yay!!

For those of you who have been champing at the bit to jump into a detox since the first of January, you’ll be pleased to know that Spring Equinox onwards is the ideal time. If you are thinking of shoe-horning a detox weekend in between an otherwise food-fest, stressful calendar, however, you need to read the small print in the Happy Cells manual (in the process of being written!!). There are certain “rules” for a comfortable and effective detox.

As spring gets underway, we start to sense intuitively the natural energies around us: new buds, new lives, more sunshine, and lots of green everywhere. Our ancestors were so much more in tune with nature. They respected it, danced to its rhythms (not literally unless they were that way inclined!) and went with the flow as the seasons rolled from one to another. Several generations on (ie. us), we are still part of nature, despite our best efforts to ignore it, and even if we aren’t consciously aware of the surging natural energies, our cells definitely are and they want to tap into this energy and use it to recharge their batteries and do some much needed spring cleaning. Obviously if we are still stuffing our faces with stodgy food (or food-like substances) and swigging back lots of coffee, any spring-cleaning tried at the cellular level, will be severely hampered. A detox is a way of giving your cells a helping hand.

You don’t have to do an all-singing-all-dancing detox to reap the benefits, and depending on your starting point, less is sometimes more.

Drinking more water, eating more green salads, reducing / avoiding coffee and alcohol are just a few simple things you can start to introduce.

Everyone is different, so it’s not a case of one size fits all. It’s a good idea to seek advice if you want to venture on a serious detox, but at all times, listen to the voice within, Just because something is “good for you” doesn’t mean it is good for YOU.

Now is a great time to make changes – to ride that energy wave – and see a difference. A lot of people feel they need some guidance, so I offer a “Healthy-Diet, Healthy-Weight, Healthy-You” package which is a set of four 1:1 sessions to look at your health issues (weight et al) and support you in the necessary changes to make a difference. Book now and start to enjoy more vibrant health.