Years ago our ancestors were more in tune with nature and respected the lands which they farmed, so much so that their methods remineralised the soils and in turn the soils yielded health-giving nutrient-dense produce.

Modern farming is based on the observation that using a fertiliser containing just three minerals (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, commonly referred to as NPK) still results in plants growing, but the problem is that our soil needs 52 minerals, so in effect it’s like having a bank account where you keep taking out £52 and only deposit £3 back each time!! Soon your funds are depleted. Similarly our soils!!  In a fab video “Food Matters”, Charlotte Gerson explains that this leaves the soils deficient, which in turn produces deficient, weakened and vulnerable plants which have lost their defences. As a result bugs can attack the plants and then we look to pesticides to combat them. The end-product is food which is not just nutrient-deficient, but also toxic, and if we eat it, we become deficient and toxic too.

Plants left to their own devices build up their own immune system. They produce plant chemicals (known as phytonutrients) which help to protect them from disease, injuries, insects, drought, excessive heat, ultraviolet rays, poisons and pollutants in the air /soil. And the good news is that what they do for plants, they can do for us. If your broccoli however is sprayed with pesticides, it becomes lazy. Why bother building up its own defences when it has artificial protection? As a result it doesn’t produce the health-giving phytonutrients.

Organic fruit and vegetables don’t have to be more expensive than non-organic. When I go to Manchester I shop at a cooperative called “Unicorn” and prices are comparable with leading supermarkets. The problem is that supermarkets hike up prices for organic so we are left thinking it is a luxury food. Supermarkets are definitely not the place to shop for health! At home, we use a couple of box schemes, which deliver organic produce at sensible prices. Local farm shops and markets are worth exploring too.

Organic is nutrient-dense (mineral-rich from soils and with an intact plant-immune system) and not laced with a cocktail of pesky pesticides and other nasties. Non organic is sadly lacking in nutrients and is full of toxins which put a strain on your body without giving you anything in return.  For me there is no comparison.   Give me organic any time.