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Just looking at a whole walnut gives you an idea of what Walnut Essence is about. Its incredibly strong shell protects the nut inside, and without brutal force or a nutcracker it is very difficult to get inside!! Similarly Walnut Essence is about protection.

For me, Walnut Essence is linked to the Heart Chakra. We talk about “in our heart of hearts” or “following our heart” where we know deep down what it is we want to do, but in reality it’s not always easy to take the path that we would like, due to external factors and influences, and instead of going with the flow and following our dreams, we can find ourselves stuck.

We may wish to uproot and live in a different country or change career, perhaps finish a relationship or start a new one, or maybe break an old habit such as smoking or start a healthy eating regime. Such major changes bring with them an ample helping of stress, and in the No man’s land between old and new, no matter how passionately we want to do something, it’s a very vulnerable time and we can easily be swayed and held-back!! Stronger personalities can voice objections, discouragement or even ridicule; we can get sentimental; or family commitments can trump our heart-felt wishes. Before we know it our inner resolve has crumbled and we are back to square one!

Walnut Essence is aptly called the “link breaker” or “spell breaker” and protects us in such times of change. It helps us to break with the old and embrace the new without being influenced by other voices!!

Half a walnut shell looks like an old fashioned wooden cradle, and Walnut cradles us in times of vulnerability. As we go through life, we are often thrown into situations which we haven’t chosen for ourselves such as bereavement, divorce or redundancy and we can feel extremely unsettled. Walnut helps to ease the way so that we can adjust more quickly to new surroundings or new demands.

Walnut is also useful for biological changes, which can be very stressful at all levels, physically, mentally and emotionally, and which can interfere with our normal daily activities. Think of walnut during the discomfort of teething, the roller-coaster of puberty, the major changes throughout pregnancy as well as menopause, which some women find hard to accept.

In a nutshell (pardon the pun!), Walnut is for any transition state, when we are moving from the old to the new. It helps us to remain true to ourselves and true to what is in our heart, and also gives us a friendly hand to hold as we to adapt to new circumstances.

Like the caterpillar transforming into a beautiful butterfly, we need fluidity to move from one state to another, and Walnut Essence gives us the protection to do that.