Blog 2014-03-30 Herb, Ginger, Lily and Max - Mothering Sunday 2014

We are all mothers in our own way. We like to “mother” or nurture others – be it family, friends, pets or plants. So whatever sort of mother you are, enjoy a Happy Nurturing Sunday, not just for others but for yourself too.

I found this wonderful piece of writing in the We’Moon Diary in 2009 about just this ……


by Diane Bergstrom 2007

Early onset of menopause due to pre-existing medical condition. It wasn’t a diagnosis she was prepared to hear. Or accept. But there it was. She was shocked, angry, confused, pained, devastated. She didn’t feel the wisdom of the crone. She felt cheated. A future door slammed in her face, the door jamb blurred by evaporating options. Her mind spun, her throat closed and her heart seared.

What would she do now that she couldn’t be a mother?

She grieved deeply then mourned her loss for three years. While mourning, she: planted an organic garden, made meals for a new mother, took care of the elderly, talked to children about being stewards of our parks, helped visitors identify wild animals and birds, looked for lost hikers on the trails, comforted grieving friends, interviewed families and wrote eulogies, pet sat, delivered wounded animals to rehab centres, wrote poetry, recycled, read to the blind, took disabled women on outdoor adventures, loved her family and family of friends, attended peace marches, wrote her congress people, prayed for the earth to heal and the wars to end, helped others find jobs, encouraged young women to travel, babysat, celebrated her nieces and nephews, held space in waiting rooms for friends in surgery, parked her car and rode her bike, composted, arranged art lessons for the brain-injured, made food bags for the homeless, sent herbs and salves to the hurting, lifted her heart with music and exercise, de-cluttered her life, watched tundra swans raise their young, wrote stories of women making a difference in this world, listened to the stories of those nearing death, climbed a mountain, and gave away the baby things she had collected over the years.

What did she do now that she couldn’t be a mother?

She mothered.