Blog - Watery Realms of Infinite Possibilities


I LOVE baths. They are my creative cocoon!!

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Five Element Theory represents the cyclical nature of life, be it the different seasons throughout the year or the changing energies of our daily lives, from a fresh start full of potential in the morning, through a hive of activity and eventually on to the rest and relaxation of sleep.

The Wood Element, synonymous with springtime, represents creativity, a time when we start the creative process of a new project and get planning. Preceding this is the Water element, which for me represents not just a quiet time and rest, but also a sea of infinite possibilities as yet without form, but in which our creative ideas are conceived. Some of these go on to drown without trace in the deluge of our day-to-day stuff, but some precipitate into “something” to create and it is in the Wood stage that they are given their shape.

For me, bath time is a chance to enter the Water-element phase. Lying there, floating my arms as weightlessly as I can (at the moment I am trying to “let go” to facilitate the healing of my poorly shoulder), my thoughts can wander aimlessly and new ideas swim to shore in my head.

Last night the themes for both my June and July newsletters came to me. Nothing wow-ish, but something which would have remained blocked without that precious downtime. Snippets of sentences start to take shape but not quite; but as soon as I get out onto dry land, my pencil (wooden of course!!) and pad in hand, I can start the creative process in earnest.

How many people do you know who, having wrestled with a problem, take a shower and have a moment of clarity!!?

In our frenetic modern lifestyles of doing this and then that with barely a breath in between, we tap so little into our Water element and thus lose the opportunity to think new thoughts and get fresh ideas. By taking a watery break (quite aptly) or even meditating, or just not “doing”, we can enter a realm of endless possibilities. Take me-time breaks as often as you can, uncluttered pockets of time which help to recharge as well as re-inspire.