World Elly Day - redone

I have been a bit quiet on the blog front recently. I hit a bit of a blank page in my brain. No concentration, deep desire to create or ban on facebook usage was sufficient to get the words or doodles flowing again ………….. but then one day it happened.

Good health isn’t just about nutrition. For me it’s the freedom of thought, emotions and movement, which are facilitated by healthy eating but so much more too. We also need a free flow in all aspects of our lives – relationships, creativity, spirituality etc.

I cannot say it was one single thing which broke the spell for me, but here are just a few thoughts, which may be of use to you, if ever you experience a block too ….

I am in the middle of reading “The Artist’s Way” which helps peeps like myself to rediscover the creative person within. One of the “must do”s each day is morning pages – free format words, not structured and “correct”, just allowed to be written without judgement, even if only to write over and over again “what should I write?”. Doing that for a few weeks now has certainly loosened things up …… I feel inspired, I have pages of nonsense and a few with ideas for making an e-course (watch this space)

Being asked to pen 3 gratitudes each day for 5 days on Facebook, turned my thinking from negative to positive. Negativity can cause a block big time. Positivity quite the opposite; it embraces life and with it a flow in and out.

And then lastly I have just had a couple of Bowen treatments for my shoulder. Any body or energy work can have a hugely beneficial effect on our whole being and I like to think this has helped in the unblocking too.

So here I am again ….. and I’ve doodled a cartoon in homage to all the elephants in the world who need our help. Today is World Elephant Day. Let us give these beautiful creatures our respect and compassion.

Judith x