03 = Gorse

Each month I write a newsletter covering a range of health topics and advertising my forthcoming events. I love playing with words and so always enjoy the process of creating something from the proverbial blank sheet of paper. Occasionally however, inspiration fails to flow, and as what happened last month, I kept putting the task off day after day. This got me thinking as to why, and I realised that the reason was simply that I hadn’t set the dates for my next set of demo workshops, which caused a block in my thinking. Out came the diary, dates were set, and hey presto, a newsletter was soon produced!! It’s too easy to avoid planning just in case something more pressing overrides it (which is what was going through my mind), but if we fail to plan, indecision can sink in and then nothing happens at all.

There are six Bach Flower Essences dedicated to issues arising from indecision. If we are undecided about something, we cannot act or move forward in life. Instead we dither, perhaps swinging from one idea to another, or maybe just get rooted to the spot. As a result, we waste precious energy which could be used in something productive.

Choice is a wonderful thing but nowadays we are spoilt by the range of options offered to us on a daily basis. This can often be overwhelming or even paralysing. Wild Oat is used when we have no clear direction at all. For instance, we may wish to do something meaningful with our lives but have no idea what. Wild Oat Essence acts as a compass and provides internal guidance. Scleranthus is for the mental ping-pong of deciding between options. A very simple example is buying a new blouse. Do you want it in black, brown or green? Scleranthus Essence helps us make a firm decision that we feel confident in. Cerato is for when we know the answer deep down but doubt our intuition, and thus rely on asking everyone for their opinion!! Often we follow unsuitable advice and would have fared better had we listened to our own inner voice! Cerato Essence helps us to tune into that voice and trust it!

For me, Hornbeam, Gentian and Gorse are more “stagnant” states, indicating a lack of flow or movement in life. We get bogged down and need a gentle helping hand to pull us out and encourage us to get going again.

Hornbeam, the “Monday morning” feeling, is for when life has got a bit stale and we lack the mental energy and motivation to get going with the tasks in hand. It’s the state that finds us procrastinating, perhaps reading emails or Facebook in an attempt to ignite some interest, and our time is spent reacting to life. Hornbeam Essence refreshes our thinking and gives us the necessary umph to pro-act instead.

Gentian is for when we feel disappointed or despondent at a setback; perhaps feeling that we have taken one step forward and two steps back, often the case when recovering from a chronic illness, applying for jobs unsuccessfully or experiencing what seems like a showstopper on a project. In the extreme we think like “doubting Thomas” and lose faith. Gentian Essence helps to encourage us to try again, giving us faith that things will work out OK in the end.

Gorse is a deeper state, where we have given up hope altogether and chosen pessimism. Gorse Essence helps to restore hope and thus a more positive outlook in life.