Trifle Bizarre

Mick and Sam are staggering in the desert, desperate for water. Suddenly a huge tent appears before them. “Let’s see if they have any water” says Mick to Sam. A man greets them at the entrance, and when asked for water can only offer sponge cake. Mick and Sam, knowing a thing or two about happy cells, know this will only make matters worse, so they politely decline and move on. As if by magic, a second tent appears. This time they are offered fruit and jelly. They try a little (fruit contains water after all) but finds it only makes them thirstier, so off they go again. Amazingly a third tent appears. “Water?” they cry out. “Sorry” comes the reply, “I have only custard and cream”. They stagger on. After a while, Mick turns to Sam and says “I don’t know about you, but I found that a trifle bizarre”.

Groan ………..

This goes to show that DEHYDRATION can lead to telling bad jokes!!

Joking apart, however, dehydration can cause a range of health problems, including those that affect our brains.

Brain cells are approximately 80% water, so it’s pretty wet up there between our ears. Think of the brain as a large bunch of grapes, full of water and ripe with creative thoughts and ideas. Now think about what happens to those grapes when we suck out all their water. We then have a collection of raisins, all shrivelled up, and our creative thoughts are all dried up too. The brain cells (in fact each and every cell in our whole body) thrive on water. They need it to go about their day-to-day business and to perform at the top of their game. Lack of water leads to poor performance and ultimately to malfunction.

The frontal cortex houses our mindfulness, and is our decision-making and creative centre. If not sufficiently hydrated, we can spend our time in a muddle, living reactively, unable to make decisions or to move forward in life. So from a spiritual perspective we may never find our true path in life.

Considering our physical being, headaches are a common symptom of dehydration. Many people report that a headache is a clear sign that they haven’t drunk enough water that day.

In its mildest form, insufficient water can lead us to lose our focus and concentration and we may feel a little tired. Here we see dehydration affecting our mental health and wellbeing. More seriously, dehydration is a key player in dementia, mental illness and also depression, a hot topic at the moment in light of Robin William’s untimely death. Our emotional health also relies on hydration.

Gradually over years of not drinking enough clean and life-giving water, we can start to feel the effects. A lot of us rely heavily on diuretics which literally draw water out of our cells and only serve to make the situation worse. All this time, our poor cells feel they are actually in that desert. They adapt and put in measures for survival, holding on for dear life rather than going with the flow (they have nothing to flow after all!) and flourishing.

Without sufficient water, our cells cannot cleanse sufficiently. Toxins (those created internally as well as chemicals accumulated from our food, water, air, and stuff put on skin etc) cannot escape and our overloaded cells start feeling the strain and we start feeling symptoms, which can manifest mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually.

It’s never too late to start rehydrating your cells. Get savvy. Drink water, ditch the diuretics, and also try to minimise the toxins going into your body via your water. Your cells need clean water to cleanse; not water awash with MORE toxins! Ditto your air, food, toiletries and household products.

Isn’t it a trifle bizarre that we go through life not supplying our cells with the very thing they are made of – Water?  Go on – get the Water habit. Your cells will LOVE you for it !!!