I found the original list on Facebook and then started scribbling my own thoughts on each item …………..

  1. Do one thing at a time (Ditch the super-woman multi-tasking nonsense)
  2. Do it slowly and deliberately (If we dash around, it’s easy then to have accidents or make errors – says Judith who slipped on the bathroom floor whilst contravening (1) and (2) )
  3. Do it completely (Ouch – another one for me – how many unfinished projects have I got on the go at the moment? Not good for the soul)
  4. Do less (Less is more – honestly)
  5. Put space between things (I think this applies to the Feng Shui of our environment as well as to our crazy back-to-back appointments diaries. Give yourself regular breathers)
  6. Develop rituals (There is something quite anchoring about an habitual practice. How about a health-giving ritual such as morning skin brushing or daily meditation (I’m trying to bed that in at the mo), or maybe a pause in the day for afternoon tea)?  
  7. Designate time to certain things (If you don’t, the time gets swallowed up by other people’s stuff)
  8. Devote time to sitting (It’s all about balance. Rest and activity. We need them both)
  9. Smile and serve others (But best not through gritted teeth – ha ha!)
  10. Make cooking and cleaning a meditation (Don’t think of them as chores but as mindful activities. By concentrating on the task in hand, amazingly the mind can enter a peaceful state)
  11. Think about what is necessary (We are SO inundated with things that HAVE to be done, and endeavour to do them without question, that we live in a smog of stress 24/7)
  12. Live simply (Life doesn’t have to be complicated. We just make it so. Think about what you can simplify today)