A =  Impatiens (2)

I was planning on making Mum a quick drink before hitting the shops in my spare hour between work tasks, when she asked me to find her hearing aid. She had dropped it earlier and told me reliably that it had bounced off her slipper onto her bedroom floor. A good fifteen minutes sprawled on the floor, communing with a large gathering of dust under and behind her bed, drawers etc, I came up empty handed! A little later, there it was, sitting on the bathroom floor!! I can only assume it hitchhiked on her slipper, but I’m pretty sure I couldn’t manage to do that if I tried!!!

Why am I telling you this?

Pressed for time, I could have so easily hit the roof with frustration, but I told myself that this was what I was meant to be doing and kept my cool.

If you find yourself feeling a little ragged around the edges, perhaps pressed for time and searching for elusive items, take a dose of Bach Flower Essence Impatiens. This can help you to appreciate that things happen in their own time.

Now where did I leave the vac?