As a naturopath I can seem a little obsessed with bowels (I’m not, honest) but never did I imagine I would end up inspecting the bottoms of tomatoes with keen interest.

This year was looking SO promising. Our three tomato plants seemed to be flourishing. Lots of flowers followed by lots of green tomatoes, but then as they ripened their bottoms turned black!!!

Our lovely neighbour Eva did a bit of research and came up with a diagnosis of “blossom-end rot”, caused by insufficient water in their early days.

As a keen proponent of water, naturally I was embarrassed that my tomatoes had suffered with dehydration, but it got me thinking about humans and water.

Many people don’t drink enough water (if any) and seem to be OK health-wise, especially in their early years. This however, can be so misleading. What are they manifesting for later? Their bottoms might not turn black, but other symptoms, which stem from chronic dehydration, can rear their ugly heads. These can range from digestive disorders, skin problems and headaches etc to more serious illnesses.

The moral of this tale is to water your cells on a daily basis, to help them (and you) flourish and thus avoid the equivalent of cellular blossom-end rot !!!!