Organic Food because you are worth it

I’m a great believer that beauty comes from within. We want beautiful thoughts, but we also want to feed our cells with beautiful foods which will nurture them and help them sparkle. By eating healthily we can enjoy clearer skin, healthier hair, twinkling eyes etc !!

How strange it is that we question the cost of a punnet of organic blueberries say, lovingly grown by a local farmer, but don’t think twice about paying the same if not more for an alchoholic beverage in a pub, or a strong coffee in a café, both of which can drain us of our vitality.

The media has done a pretty good job at persuading people that organic is no better than its conventional cousins. YES IT IS! It has less toxicity in it (ie. pesticides) and more health-giving phytonutrients, so our cells can spend less energy and precious resources cleaning up the unholy mess we ingest, and more time upping their game at being the best that they can be – sparkly beings functioning optimally.

Supermarkets don’t help. I rarely set foot in them now, but last time I was there, noticed that their organic produce was sold with a “special” price tag, probably to pay for all the plastic that they use to encase each item! Talk about counterproductive!? Farm shops and cooperatives sell organic produce at sensible, affordable prices, showing that you don’t have to re-mortgage the house to eat healthily.

Having fed our insides with lack-lustre food, we wonder why our skin, hair, nails etc are lack-lustre too. So what do we do, we apply expensive cosmetics and hair products which include toxic chemical cocktails. These are absorbed into our bodies and overload our lovely cells. How can our cells be joyous amongst so much toxicity? They can’t. They get tired, they don’t function well and we enter a vicious cycle of eating crap, not being happy with how we look and applying more crap to cover it up.

Feed your outsides from your insides. Feed your insides with health-giving organic food.


Because YOU ARE SO WORTH IT.