One weekend back in August, Don strimmed the hedge to a respectable height and managed to lose the stray wavy bits at the top. Our neighbour who lives on the other side of the hedge asked that it be cut another 6 inches. My first reaction: “I suppose we ought to. I’ll ask Don.” Don is a mild-mannered man but when I mentioned this to him his answer was quite firmly “NO”. He had set the height at the place where it was easiest to cut. Cutting lower would have taken far more effort and probably something more powerful than a strimmer! I then realised that I had wandered into negative Centaury state, the people-pleasing state, where we can so easily dance to another’s tune!! Don on the other hand was in positive Centaury state. He was honouring his boundaries, not just his own time and choice but literally, also, by preserving the height of our hedge!!

Centaury Essence helps to set our internal people-pleaser aside and allows us to stand up for ourselves and say “no” where appropriate.