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Blog 2014-10-28 15 ways to boost energy

A simple reminder of some of the energy vampires (very apt for this time of year) that might be sucking you dry of vitality 🙂 🙂

  • Drink clean, alkaline water. Often tiredness can be due to dehydration
  • Forget the gym. Take a brisk walk and get some fresh air in at the same time. Energy creates energy!! You’ll get your circulation moving better, which means more oxygen delivered to your cells (they can breathe better then).
  • On a similar note, deep breathing works wonders. This increases oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. In with the good, out with the fatigue-inducing waste products!
  • Stop burning the candle at both ends. You are NOT superman / superwoman. Get some early nights in – well before 11pm if possible. Try doing that EVERY night for a good week or so. zzzzzzzzzzzz
  • Look at your diet. Crap in = feeling crap and more often than not, a wobbly blood sugar problem!! Eat a nutrient-dense diet, rich in Magnesium and B-vitamins. Think greens and whole foods. These help to boost energy levels. Look at your iron levels too. Anaemia can sometimes be at the bottom of constant tiredness.
  • Try a gentle detox. If your cells are full of rubbish, they will feel bogged down and lacking in energy. Spring and summer are the best times to do this, but a gentle clean up of eating habits can be tackled at any time of the year.
  • Avoid quick fixes such as sugar / caffeine / cigarettes. When our energy is on the floor, it’s all too tempting to reach for a coffee, chocolate bar, or – if so inclined – a ciggie, but all you do is spike the blood sugar, get a quick high and then flag immediately afterwards, making you want yet another quick fix.
  • For a healthy quick fix, what about a green smoothie? Try blending a pear with a little water, a banana, a handful of green leaves, half an avocado and some water. Yumdicious and helps to boost your energy in a balanced sort of way. It’s hydrating, has healthy fruit sugars, which are balanced out by greens and protein, thus avoiding the blood sugar spikes that you get when you use stimulants.
  • Step off the crazy train. Move away from the stress. Your energy is going into defence mode rather than nurturing you. Even if you are only stressing about being late for a meeting, your cells think it’s a life-and-death situation and go into the full fight-or-flight mode. This is HUGELY depleting to your energy supplies.
  • Tackle any emotional issues. These are draining. You could be afraid of spiders or anxious about a relationship. Whatever it is, you are either investing too much energy into thinking about it or trying to keep it at arm’s length. Either way, too little energy is left over for your cells to feel energised and vibrant. Perhaps try some flower essences or EFT to help with any emotional issues.
  • Give your digestion some much needed TLC. If it’s sluggish, then you will be too. Ensure that you include water and fibre in your diet, and taking a good pre-probiotic is always a good idea too.
  • Connect with nature. Brisk walks aside, just a nice meander in the countryside or sitting in the garden (with perhaps bare feet on grass), and especially in some nice sunshine, can help re-energise you.
  • Give your liver some TLC. Fatigue can often be a sign of a stressed liver, and as alcohol puts a huge strain on it, it’s a good idea to go teetotal for a while to give it some much needed respite.
  • Are your cells being frazzled by EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies)? Mobile phones, PCs, microwaves, and other mod cons could well be draining you of energy. We all live in a smog of EMFs, so it’s not easy to avoid, but try taking a look at ways to protect yourself.
  • Consider, too, magnetic deficiency. Our Earth is a giant magnet and, as creatures of nature, we can draw on this magnetic energy to help recharge us (a bit like a mobile phone recharging). Unfortunately, the Earth’s magnetic field is at an all-time low right now and, just to make matters worse, most of us are insulated from this natural energy (we spend a silly % of our days INSIDE a building / car). Look into  magnetic technologies to help give your cells a boost.

If you would like help in looking at diet, water, flower essences and magnetics to help boost your energy and overall vitality, take a look at my website www.judithreidnaturalhealth.co.uk or drop me a line at judithreidnutrition@gmail.com

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