The Lazy Elephant's Guide to Drinking Water

Happy ellies at The Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Thailand

You can lead an elephant to water …………… let him in it ……. And you’ll never get him out (without a lot of cajoling) 🙂

Elephants like to drink, bathe in and play in water, and if you have a mahout handy with a hosepipe, you can enjoy all the benefits without putting any effort in (do NOT try this at home).

Joking aside ……………..

Water is one of the most overlooked health-boosters of all time, and it is one of the cheapest too.

We all know that water is essential to life. The fact that we can survive only 7 days without it gives us a pretty big clue!! We know that we need it but somehow we largely ignore it day in, day out.

So why don’t we drink it?

We live in a culture of coffee drinking and social (alcohol) drinking. We would much rather be seduced by the rich aroma of a strong coffee, feel the comfort of a cuppa tea, or feel a little merry on a glass or two of wine. Colourless water by comparison is totally boring, it doesn’t look sexy or exciting and it doesn’t give us artificial highs.

We water our plants, put out water bowls for our pets but fail to drink it ourselves.

Elephants (and other animals) trek miles in the wild in search of a water hole and because they instinctively know what’s good for them.

We humans, however, have lost our natural wisdom when it comes to some of the fundamentals of life, such as eating and drinking, and in particular, drinking water.

Many people complain about the taste of water. In part they are used to drinks with strong flavours, so it takes a little time to become accustomed to what seems like water’s blandness, but also for many peeps, their only experience of water is the cocktail of less than desirables (including chlorine) masquerading as tap water.

We are between the devil and the deep blue sea!! On a daily basis, we are dehydrating our cells big time by failing to drink plain water, instead imbibing diuretics (tea, coffee, sodas and alcohol), which further exacerbate the situation; or we drink toxin-laced tap water which only serves to bog down our cells with yet more acidity, when in fact they dearly yearn for fresh, clean water to help cleanse themselves and wash away the day’s debris. Crazily counterproductive or what?

Buying a water filter is one solution, but choosing one is an absolute minefield. There’s one to suit most budgets, and even if you cannot afford an all-singing-and-dancing one right now, a basic one is a step in the right direction. Consider a filter as an investment in your health. I wouldn’t be without mine; it’s a much loved member of the family! A water filter may seem like an expensive output initially but long term it comes out cheaper than buying bottled water regularly, and long term helps you to achieve better health. Illness comes with its own price tag. And let’s not forget the cost to the environment burdened with all those discarded plastic bottles!

What should you be looking for in water? Clean, alkaline, nice-tasting and, if possible, energised. Water in nature is mineralised from the earth, filled with natural energies such as far infrared from the sun and negative ions from the air, and amazingly spirals as it flows, thus re-energising itself as it wends its path downstream.

I have used a Nikken Waterfall for years and LOVE the water it produces. It is wonderfully clean tasting, and I know intuitively that it is enhancing the health of each of my cells. 🙂 🙂 Happy cells 🙂 🙂

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