A spot of massage? Squirrels in Dorking churchyard

A spot of massage? Squirrels in Dorking churchyard

Do you get to Sunday night feeling worn out, perhaps having been swept along in the whirlpool of appointments / activities that make up your life all week AND weekend, with a feeling of having given-given-given, and with the very faint memory of having promised yourself some precious Me-time which seemed to evaporate somewhere along the way?

I’m sure that you make appointments in your diary with colleagues and friends and wouldn’t dream of not turning up without a very good excuse, and yet the most important person in your life (that’s YOU the way!) is ignored time and time again.

Here is an idea. One month ahead, write in your diary (in PEN!), dates with yourself to allow time to do things that you would really like to do and that would give you some well deserved breathing space and TLC. Perhaps you could indulge in a spot of pampering such as a massage or take an afternoon out for some unrushed shopping. Maybe you could pursue a hobby regularly. Sometimes it’s just the small things that count though. So many times my own promise of a nice long soak in the bath ends up as a quick ten minute dip squeezed in between work and making dinner! I can’t very well diary this in a month ahead, but with a firm resolve and a few more assertive “no”s, I can enjoy my longer bath without feeling short-changed.

Just bear in mind ………..

It does not matter what you choose to do with your “me-time”. (It’s YOUR time)

You do not need to justify it to anybody. (I read recently on Facebook that “No” is a complete sentence.)

The important thing is that you are doing something for you and not allowing yourself to let other people or things override it!

By taking time out in this way, you can feel a little bit more in control and recharge your batteries so that you can then cope better with all that activity-hopping that is called life! And breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeathe.