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Feeding Dementia

A review of the film “You Must Be Nuts”, exploring the cause of dementia  

Last week I watched the film “You Must Be Nuts”, the creation of Obi Chatterjee, who, after his own father was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia back in 2012, investigated the cause of dementia and how best to treat it. The film is an entertaining mix of conversations between puppets Alph, Chal-Lee and Beel as well as interviews with Obi himself and several nutritional experts such as Patrick Holford and Dr Stephanie Seneff. If you have a loved one with dementia or with suspected dementia, or even if you haven’t, WATCH IT. The main topic may be dementia, but a lot of the points I took away apply equally to any illness (major or less so).

The bottom line is that a lot of our illnesses are the result of taking on board a whole stream of bad advice, fed to us by money-driven big companies (food, agriculture and pharma) as well as orthodox medicine (a lot of which is controlled by big pharma).

For several decades now, we have been taught the myth that cholesterol and saturated fats are bad for us, and as a result we have loaded our shopping trolleys with low-fat this and that, not forgetting the dreaded margarines, while demonising the likes of butter and coconut oil. Obsessed with driving our cholesterol down to some magic number, we have also swallowed (literally as well as figuratively) the dogma around statins, with some scary results. This film explores why we need cholesterol big-time for health, and in particular the brain. It also joins the dots between illness and deficient soils, use of pesticides / herbicides, common drugs used (not just for the elderly), as well as damaged foods which we consume on a daily basis.

Our illnesses reflect our life “choices” which have been shaped cleverly by economics and politics, not, sadly, by any wish to enhance people’s health. We are walking almost blindly into an inevitable slow demise like lambs to the slaughter. Peeps – wake up !!!!!

The statistics on dementia are frightening. Numbers are growing exponentially each year, something which could probably be said for most other major diseases. We need to start taking personal responsibility, empowering ourselves with some life-enhancing knowledge and acting on it, and adopting a questioning approach to all the so called “expert” advice on diet and environment.

It’s sad to think that Obi had to witness the serious illness of his father before asking “why”, but as is said in the film, his father trusted the latest scientific advice throughout his life, and like most of us, why would we question the experts? I remember myself the craze for margarine in the 1960s and 70s. My own father died of a heart attack way before his time, and I’ve often wondered how much margarine and other poor advice contributed to this.

The only disappointment with this film was that it didn’t mention water, one of my favourite subjects. If we are dehydrated, no cell will function optimally, including those in the brain.

Otherwise, it’s a must watch!!

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