The other month my internet went walkabout, and as I haven’t yet entered the world of Smart Phones, I had a pre-Facebook/email throwback day; I suppose how life used to be in my childhood and even more recently in the 80s!!

I found myself with an open-ended spacious Saturday into which I could pick what I did next, fuelled only by what was in my head and my immediate realm. I wasn’t fed by or distracted by the internet; there wasn’t the need to reply instantly to a ream of emails. It was lovely!

I found myself being proactive rather than reacting. What did this give me? Time, patience, calmness, creativity and essential ME-time. Amazingly I fitted in more that day than I would have done had I been online and tempted to sneak a peek now and again. Ideas flowed into the space which is usually cluttered with a multitude of images and stories from all around the world. At the end of the day I felt I had achieved so much than I had for a long time; I had a greater sense of “me” and funnily enough a greater connection to life than had I been plugged in digitally!! Perhaps I need to introduce a regular no-internet day into my life?

How would you spend a non-digital day?