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Bach Flower Essence Elm for overwhelm

Bach Flower Essence Elm for overwhelm

I call the Bach Flower Elm Essence the “Deep Breath, Ditch, Delegate and Do” remedy.

Elm Essence is for where we are normally capable beings but for some reason suddenly suffer a temporary loss of confidence. We are thrown into overwh-ELM.

A classic case is where a career woman has her first baby. Used to having a high level of control in her life and achieving with ease, she is suddenly faced with a small infant who makes demands on her day and night. On unfamiliar territory, learning on the job, and with perhaps sleep deprivation thrown in for good measure, fatigue kicks in and with it can come a loss of confidence in her abilities and feelings of being inadequate. (For the fatigue from sleep deprivation I would also recommend Olive)

Feminism was a good thing but the “superwoman” role model was not!! It taught us that we could have it all: career, perfect house, children, etc, and stretched us beyond what is sensible.

Something has to give and we don’t want it to be either our health or our sanity!!

Christmas is an ideal time to crack open the Elm Essence. Our lives are already 24/7 crazy trains and, probably in a lull somewhere during summer, we committed to Project “Christmas”, promising a full sit-down turkey dinner for sixteen with relatives that we haven’t seen since the last madness. Having mastered the juggling of multiple tasks on “normal” days, we suddenly find ourselves challenged by all that the run-up to the big day has to offer: shops heaving at the seams, late nights with overeating and drinking, not forgetting the need to produce the perfect banquet on the 25th. It takes a miracle NOT to feel overwhelmed by it all!!

Elm Essence gives us a breather, and with it a bit of perspective. It teaches us that we don’t have to do everything on the to-do list. We can take on what we can cope with and look after our own needs too. We can ditch, delegate and then do the rest. The Essence restores our capable self and unshakable inner conviction without the unrealistic need to be superwoman. We can instead accomplish all that we need to in a timely fashion.

Perhaps start taking it when you open up your Advent Calendar. It will give you perspective throughout December, rather than leaving it until the big day when you’ve collapsed in a metaphorical heap by the turkey that won’t fit in the oven!! 🙂

If you would like to learn more about Bach Flower Essences and how they can help you, have a look at my Introduction to Bach Flower Essences   Elly and Bach Webinar - BIGGER WRITING

Wishing You and Your Cells Vibrant Good Health 🙂

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