Blog 2014-11-25  Are you married to the Mob(ile) - EMF Frazzled Cells

Are you married to your mobile and other modern gadgets? I-this and I-that. It seems strange to think that a decade ago or thereabouts, these were but a twinkle in someone’s creative eyes. Now everyone seems to be permanently glued to their chosen gadget and thus connected pretty much 24/7, if so desired, with the world at large! In order to “enjoy” this connection, however, our gadgets also need to be continuously connected to what I see as the “mother ship”. In reality, cell phones are intermittently communicating with network towers, which are cleverly strewn at large, masquerading as normal things like notice boards or even trees!!

This all seems very wonderful, being able to keep up with friends all over the globe, maybe look up train times or find out where on earth we are whilst driving in unknown territory. It seems like we have the world at our fingertips, but at what cost?

All these mod cons (Wifi, cordless phones, mobile phones, I-whatever etc) are in fact emitting radiation called EMFs (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) and there has been growing concern for some time that these are causing long-term health problems.

Our cells are electromagnetic creatures, all vibrating at certain frequencies, and they have evolved living in harmony with natural frequencies, as you would find in nature, such as the Earth’s magnetic field, and actually drawing on these to flourish. EMFs are powerful and “disharmonic” to our cells, so can interrupt normal cellular functioning. I see them as “frazzling” my cells, especially as we are bombarded by them. I don’t own a whizzy phone myself but just sitting on the train to and from London, I am surrounded by fellow passengers all glued to theirs. We live in a smog of unnatural and unhealthy electromagnetic radiation. The problem is we cannot see it so it’s easy to turn a blind eye.

Big companies quite understandably poo-poo such concerns as pseudo-science, and I’m sure many of my friends think of me as some Luddite who hasn’t yet arrived in the last century, let alone the current one!! Surely this is all in my head? Isn’t it just a placebo / nocebo (*) effect? How could authorities allow anything so dangerous? Away with your backward thinking, Judith. Stop scaremongering!

I was reassured therefore last week when I read a super article referenced by the Alliance of Natural Health (which incidentally lives in my home town of Dorking) quoting various studies done with animals and plants. Surely they haven’t been influenced by pseudo-science? Ha ha.

Bees occupying hives which have been exposed to cell phone radiation, have simply buzzed off, never to return, a bee-haviour (sorry, couldn’t resist that one) known worldwide as CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). Of course the mass exodus could be put down to the bees just happening to decide to go on an extended holiday; nothing whatsoever to do with the EMFs ………. Don’t worry, there are now robotic bees on the market to do the all-essential pollination, and if that fails, in China, people are going out, brush in hand to do what bees do naturally. Panic not! It’s all in hand!

Ants too, have been shown to behave abnormally. Where ants were held in laboratories (so the holiday excuse won’t work in this case) and exposed to cell phone radiation, they moved themselves and their eggs diagonally, as far away as possible from the source and, wait for it, here comes the priceless bit, they established their toilet area over the cell phone. Possibly ants are more into interior design than we give them credit for, and had decided to rejig their living quarter only that morning ….. so maybe just another coincidence ………

Tomato plants went a bit Kamikaze. A relatively weak radiation from cell towers caused them to react with a chemical damage sequence, the effect of which was described by scientists as “exactly as if we had crushed them with a hammer”.

How can we possible dismiss such unnatural behaviour from our friends in the natural world? We are part of nature too. What are these invisible frequencies doing to us?

This isn’t scaremongering. There is enough evidence out there that should make us all ask probing questions and seek ways to protect ourselves.

I minimise my exposure to harmful radiation within my immediate home environment: no Wifi, no whizzy phones or gadgets, no cordless phones, and I’ve never had a microwave etc.

I cannot live as a hermit. I do need my PC for work and I venture out now and again into the “smog”.

I rely on paper maps rather than SatNav and I also use natural technologies to help provide some protection home and away.

If you’d like to know more about these, drop me a line in the contact box below.

In early 2015, I shall be hosting free “Wellness Events” in Dorking, when I will talk more about this topic. If you would like to be informed of the next event, please pop your details in the box below.

Wishing you and your cells frazzle-free and vibrant health.


(*) Placebo: where we get positive results from something, maybe a treatment (orthodox / alternative) due to our belief that the outcome will be positive. Nocebo is where we believe that the results will be negative and thus influence such an outcome.