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Blog 2014-12-08 Holly Bach FLower Essence - Christmas Holly Wreath

Holly goes hand in hand with the Winter Solstice and Christmas, so what better time to write about Holly Bach Flower Essence.

Christmas is a time of goodwill to all mankind, when we embrace the festive spirit, spend time with loved ones and can generally feel more warm-hearted to our fellow men at large. It can, however, also be a time when old family feuds and perceived hurts come to the surface, especially when we are under the same roof for extended periods!! Here we see the two sides of the Holly “picture”; the positive and the negative.

At its worst, negative Holly can be consumed with some pretty dark emotions, almost as if possessed by them, and over time they can eat away at us like poison. Envy, jealousy, suspicion, hatred and spite can rear their ugly heads, and so too the need to pay back someone for some real or imagined wrong. We can also feel generally bad-tempered and angry towards everything and everybody. It’s a dark place in which to live. Feelings of isolation and insecurity provide fertile soil in which our toxic emotions can easily breed further.

Hate, the opposite of love, separates us off from our connection with God, our fellow men or the Universal energy and love. When we are separated from this, we no longer see ourselves as part of the whole or worldwide community. We look on others with suspicion and distrust. We see them as different.

Dr Bach said of Holly that it “protects us from everything that is not universal love”. It helps to open up our natural loving nature. We recognise that we are very much connected to all around us. How can we, therefore, feel hatred, when we are part of the same family?

Negative Holly can be seen when a first-born child or beloved pet feels usurped by a new baby in the family. Jealousy of the new sibling can arise due to insecurity and feelings of no longer being loved. It is also useful in relationships, especially in the early months when the green-eyed monster can come a-visiting, as we work out trust issues.

According to folklore, Holly was a sacred plant, used in hedgerows and brought into the home at this time of year to protect against black magic and evil spirits. The protective energy of Holly Essence similarly guards us against our darkest emotions and opens our hearts to a genuine love and compassion for our fellow men and creatures.

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