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Blog 2013-07-29  Nurturing Healthy Habits

Last week it was my birthday. My mother rather disconcertingly asked if it was a special one – one with an “O”, to which I replied, every one from now on would be an “O” one, more specifically “OMG”!!

Joking apart, it was a nice easy-going day with lots of lovely messages from friends.

As I try to have a no-work policy on my birthday, it gives my cells (brain and otherwise) a bit of breathing space to pause and take stock on WHAT ON EARTH WE HAVE DONE in the last 12 months! (“We” being my cells and me!). I can celebrate the Yay-moments of having actually achieved some of my 2014 goals, and then start to explore what I want to do with 2015.

None of us like to feel “stuck”. This includes relationships, jobs, and in particular health issues. I remember many moons ago when I had M.E., I felt MEGA STUCK. I couldn’t move far (literally, due to sub-zero energy) and couldn’t think coherently through my brain fog, so there wasn’t a hope of hatching any sort of plan to become unstuck. I did however manage to muster enough “oomph” to get myself to a Naturopathic Nutritionist (like myself now!). I changed my diet and became a FLOWING creature again. My energy, thoughts, emotions and movements flowed. Yay me!

Not everyone has such a showstopper of an illness, but a lot of people walk around day in, day out with a health niggle that undermines their energy and vibrancy, and their ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Pain, fears, worries, lack of energy etc can shape our daily life and force us to scale down our dreams and wishes and to adapt our lives to fit around our “problem”. There is an answer. I truly believe that we can create illness or wellness by what we eat. Changing my diet changed my life for the better. If you have a health challenge or a health niggle, diet could help you turn your health around too.

The problem with being stuck is that it’s not an easy place to get out of. Sometimes we’ve had a problem so long and adapted our lives to accommodate it that we’ve forgotten just how much better life was beforehand. Often, rather than explore the cause, we take the easy way out and suppress with say painkillers, little realising that they could be further feeding our problem. Sometimes we believe that nothing can be done. We assume that headaches are the norm, or aches and pains come with old age. We are over-accepting of a doctor’s prognosis that nothing can be done, or believe that “X” runs in the family so our fate is already decided. Here’s the exciting thing. We have so much more control over our health than we have ever allowed ourselves to imagine. And sometimes we HAVE tried, in fact over and over, but because we haven’t changed our thinking, any changes made were only temporary and we have slipped back to our old ways and therefore, old problems too. This is often the case with losing weight.

Somewhere in the Christmas craziness, I invite you to take a moment to pause and ask yourself how you would truly like to feel. ** How would you like your life to be? ** Is your health below par? ** Have you got a health niggle or challenge that won’t go away? ** Would you like to shed some unwanted pounds? ** Would you like more energy to enjoy the things you love doing? ** Would you like to make changes but don’t know where to start? ** Would you like to enjoy more vibrant health and wellbeing?

If you do the same every day, you’ll get a repeat of the same day over and over. You need to hit the pause button, rethink and change SOMETHING. If you don’t, I guarantee that you’ll be having the same problems, same regrets and same frustrations this time next year, maybe with a few on top! What help do you need? I needed a helping hand when I was ill. Turning to Naturopathic Nutrition was the best thing I ever did!

If you would like to explore natural solutions to a health challenge or niggle, see how I can help you. Just add your name and email in the form below.

Make your 2015 a more sparkly, vibrant and memorable year by making some small changes and perhaps turning your life around 🙂 🙂

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