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How are you on decision-making? If the answer is “I don’t know”, it probably gives you a clue!!! It is something which a lot of us have a problem with. So different from the days of our grandparents, the world is now at our fingertips and with it comes a huge smorgasbord of things that we can do or have. It’s like being a child in a sweet shop. We are literally spoilt for choice, and with so many sparkly things to choose from, we can easily get overwhelmed. Bach Flower Essences can help with decision-making, and today’s article looks at just one of these, Cerato. If you find yourself wanting to ask other people’s advice, even to the point of wanting them to make your decision for you, Cerato could be the answer.

Bach Flower Essence – Cerato

Intuition is defined as the ability to understand something or acquire knowledge instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning: it comes from the Latin “intueri” which means to look inside or contemplate. Our ancient forebears had intuition in spades. They didn’t have the internet to refer to, they didn’t spend years learning fact upon fact. Instead they were in tune with the wisdom of Mother Earth, and picked up on natural cues to help live their lives.

With “civilisation”, we have gradually evolved to value reason over “gut” feeling and the mysteries of the universe. We applaud great learning and intellect. We want to tick boxes to prove things. We like to analyse EVERYTHING, whether it’s analysing risks and costs or just why we are feeling what we are feeling. We are so busy and full up on facts and figures that a more recent evolvement is our wish to surrender even our own reasoning to technology. Firstly there were calculators to help us add up; now Satnavs show us where to go. Having first dulled our natural wisdom, we now make our brains redundant so that even our acquired wisdom goes to waste.

Despite all this, intuition still lies within each of us. It is our inner voice which guides us as to what is best for us as individuals. It trusts the innate wisdom of the universe. It knows without needing to know all the facts.

Sadly, our culture has conditioned us to ignore our intuition, and nowadays, frazzled by the craziness of a stress-filled life, we have no time or stillness in which to pause and listen to that wisdom within, our lifeline to more sensible answers to our questions. Instead we accumulate more facts, overloading our brains and heading into a state of analysis-paralysis.

This makes decision-making nigh on impossible. Our first thoughts on a matter are brushed aside, and we feel the need to list the pros and cons, in the hopes that logic will magically come up with the “right” answer when in fact our intuition gave us that in the first place.

We can end up vacillating between options ad infinitum, to the point that opportunities come and go. (This would point to the Bach Flower Essence Scleranthus.)

In some cases, though, we feel the need to ask everyone their opinion, quietly hoping that someone will make the decision for us. What we fail to realise is that each person is following their own path with their own agenda, so what they suggest is right for them but not necessarily for us! As a result we can make poor choices.

Dr Bach’s Cerato Essence is for when we find ourselves seeking the advice of others rather than listening to our intuition. It helps to nurture trust in our intuition, to take that leap of faith when we have a gut-feeling, and builds a strong inner certainty and confidence in our own decision-making.

“The heart has its reasons, which reason knows nothing of” Blaise Pascal

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