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At the start of a New Year, we often feel that we must get our body into shape, and therefore nosedive straight into a diet/detox. If you live in the western part of the world, mid-winter, however, is not a good time to do this. Photo 1 Naturopathic Nutrition is a blend of nutrition and naturopathy, which I like to think of as commonsense ways of looking after ourselves. Naturopathy is “nature’s cure” and believes the body has an inherent ability to heal itself given the right natural support. We are part of nature (which we so often try to ignore) and if we tune into her rhythms, we can tap into her energy to promote or restore vibrant good health.

The rhythm of winter is stillness. Plants lie dormant, animals hibernate, but what do we humans do? We drive ourselves to “carry on” regardless, and even take steps, come the first…

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