Also termed orange peel syndrome, cellulite is fat deposits just below the skin, giving a lumpy and dimpled appearance, especially on the bottom and thighs. It’s a common nightmare for a lot of women, of all ages, and is often attributed to hormones and genes.

I believe, however, that our skin reflects our diet and lifestyle, so my top tips for avoiding / healing cellulite are all natural easy-to-do things.

  • Drink plenty of clean, still water every day to help hydrate the skin and flush out toxins.
  • Include Essential Fatty Acids in your diet (via foods / supplements).
  • Avoid damaged fats. These include all processed fats, such as spreads, as well as heated vegetable oils.
  • Eat an alkaline, predominantly plant-based diet.
  • Avoid processed, refined and “white” foods (including refined sugars and salts).
  • Exercise every day. A contributory factor in cellulite is sluggish lymph and blood circulation. Brisk walks, dancing, running, skipping, rebounding would all be good.
  • Dry skin brushing is a great way to increase lymph circulation too, especially as you can target troublesome areas directly. For my free guide to dry skin brushing go to http://bit.ly/1H4ueGL
  • Avoid the quick-fix chemical topical creams. These will only add to your toxic load (which is accumulated in fat cells and is guaranteed to add to your woes).


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