Vibrant Castle - LandscapeAs I approach the end of January, my thoughts go to how well I’ve done against my list of goals for the month and what I wish to achieve in February. Nothing too grandiose, but I do like to see a bit of progress! At the end of December (http://wp.me/p59ouA-77), I suggested that you didn’t go crazy on the New Year’s resolutions. It takes a person with great drive and focus and / or living in a bubble to change everything all at once, and winter being a time of stillness, when our energy is low, isn’t the best time to re-launch the new you.

This is not, however, an excuse to sit on gluteus maximus, scoffing lots of comforting chocolate cake. We can still make tiny changes, which although don’t take enormous effort, can reap enormous benefits.

This month, my aim was to get a good walk in every day, which I’ve achieved bar about 2 – 3 days, so I’m giving myself a tick for that. Ditto for having resumed my weekly Tai Chi classes, which had been set aside last year due to a shoulder problem.

Neither of these is BIG, but each is a small step in my attempts at continuous self improvement to fabulous health. I certainly feel better for upping my exercise, and having bedded those in, I can now think up two more, and so on.

Come spring, when the lambs are jumping up and down and the daffodils are fluttering and dancing in the breeze, we too can tap into that energy and start making great strides. Having had 2 – 3 months at a slightly more sensible pace, we have hopefully set the ball rolling thus making the transition to more dynamic changes so much the easier.

We are all capable of enjoying vibrant good health. Actually, make that VIBRANT GREAT HEALTH. We need to believe it and also invest time and effort into achieving it.

What two things will you invest in next month to help yourself become the fabulous vibrant being that you are meant to be?  

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