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Buddy and Wayward Socks!

The other day I felt a mixture of mild overwhelm and CBA-syndrome (Can’t Be Bothered!!). I happened to glance through a magazine and a sentence caught my eye. It suggested that if you feel out of control and stressed, then sort out your sock drawer, as it’s something which you DO have control over.

Really? Even when I buddy up my socks, I find they can be very wayward items of clothing. Certainly not controllable!! Ha ha! I don’t actually have a sock drawer (possibly the reason for my wayward socks) but what I do have is a bad habit of leaving books, magazines and scribbled notes on the bedroom and study floors to be read “later”. So, I tackled those instead. A big bin of unwanted paper later, books and papers had been reprioritised, and stacked and shelved appropriately.

Nice job. I felt better. Partly because I had regained some sort of control over my immediate environment but also because not only did it open up a space on the floors and my desk, but it also magically brushed away some cobwebs out of my head too.

I’m no expert on Feng Shui, but the bit I have absorbed links outer clutter with inner clutter. If we are surrounded by “stuff”, a lot of it having no current use, it somehow reflects our inner world too, which is likewise filled with its own flavour of “stuff”. We can see this as a head full of worry and unwanted thoughts, perhaps carrying unwanted pounds too; and not forgetting our individual cells which hold onto their own “rubbish”, often because they are flooded with acidity from our diets and lifestyle, whilst also impeded in their attempts at cleansing, due to poor drinking habits (perhaps too little water or too many stimulants, or both) and stress.

Happy and Unhappy Cells

Happy and Unhappy Cells

Whether we are talking a floor full of books and papers, a head full of unwanted thoughts, or cells drowning in their own unwanted stuff, it’s all stagnant energy, and when things are stagnant, they certainly aren’t flowing. When our lives are flowing, our thoughts, movements, and emotions flow beautifully, we don’t have to think about it, and we can enjoy health and happiness. Yay!

So how can you achieve this?

Cleaning up your inner and outer environments can make space for fresh new energy to flow.

From a practical point of view …….

  • Space in your immediate outer environment. Tidying up my books made it easier for me to see which I needed / wanted to read next. Every self-help article on relationships tells you to get rid of the old, to make a space for the new (physically and emotionally). A friend once told me that after clearing her wardrobe of old things which she never wore, another friend gifted her some beautiful items which she wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford.
  • Space in your head. Sorting out a worry, perhaps through using Flower Essences, talking to a friend, or maybe just making yourself a list so that you can “download” and free up the space in your head, means that shiny new thoughts get a chance to enter.
  • Space in your inner environment – your cells. Helping your cells to cleanse and release some of their acquired rubbish means that they are no longer bogged down in acidity and therefore have room to flex their muscles and get down to doing what they are supposed to do, such as making hormones or energy etc, i.e. functioning optimally. This in turn means better health for you!

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