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Blog 2015-02-19 Olive Essence - Photo 1 Olive (negative)

Just like a mobile phone needing a recharge, we can sometimes feel drained of all our energy. Completely exhausted mentally and physically, we feel depleted and unable to carry on. Even the smallest tasks seem too much effort. More than anything else we would like to collapse somewhere quiet (possibly under the duvet) and let the world carry on around us, but just not involve us!!! Even the most exciting opportunity (perhaps a free trip to a much loved destination) could not cajole us out of our fatigue, for we are past the point of summoning energy.

This is the picture of negative Olive state, where mind, body and spirit are utterly exhausted after a long period of enormous strain. Perhaps we have been through a long illness or have nursed a loved one for a long time. Maybe we have gone through a period of intense work or study. Prolonged periods of eating a poor diet or not having sufficient quality sleep can also have the same effect.

It’s as if someone has pulled our personal plug out and all we want is to plug ourselves in and recharge. If only it was that simple!!

I know that I am prone to overdoing things, and over the past few years have been called on to look after my elderly mother (after various falls) for long stretches at a time. Bach Flower Olive Essence has been my number one remedy, initially for when I had overdone things (neglecting my own self-care) and more recently to prevent myself from getting to that spent state.

Blog 2015-02-19 Olive Essence - Photo 2 Olive (positive)

It helps to teach us to pace ourselves, to listen to our body and its needs so that we do not exhaust its precious resources. In yoga / meditation speak, it teaches us simply to “allow” rather than “try”. We can draw on the universal energy and allow that to flow, rather than us running around like headless chickens, putting too much mental, emotional and physical energy into whatever we are doing.

I see Olive Essence as my personal recharger!! It restores a sense of peace and renewed strength and vitality, not forgetting a renewed interest in life. Did someone mention a free trip to Thailand? Yes please!!

Blog 2015-02-19 Olive Essence - Photo 3 Thailand

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