Blog 2015-03-16 Spring Equinox

The Japanese have an ancient custom known as “Hanami” which literally translates as “flower viewing” and refers to the celebration and enjoyment of the cherry blossoms which bloom all over the country from the end of March to early May. In modern-day Japan it’s an excuse for a party or two, and they even have a “blossom forecast” given out by their weather bureau!!

In his poem “Leisure”, W.H. Davies asks “What is this life, if full of care, we have no time to stand and stare” and sadly today in our hamster–wheel stress-fest existence, we don’t often stop to smell the roses or appreciate the little things in nature which can give so much pleasure.

Spring equinox heralds a new energy, and with it a palette of breathtaking colours brought to you by Mother Earth. It seems a shame to miss it, head down trying to get to our destination, without truly enjoying each day’s journey. Nature gives us a really good excuse to pause for a while, draw breath and enjoy the moment, letting the stresses of the day fade into the background, and allowing us to recharge, a mini-meditation of sorts. Book in a spot of “hanami” into your life this spring equinox, and keep up the practice throughout the year to watch the ever-changing colours that Nature has to offer. Hitting the pause button now and again is good for you, and resting your eyes on nature whilst doing so is food for the soul!!