Fab article on acupressure for morning sickness in pregnancy. Has clear photos of where the points are …..

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Anyone who’s suffered from morning sickness knows it can strike at anytime. Morning, noon or night, this little blighter doesn’t know when to quit. When it comes on in the middle of the night it can be particularly challenging. What can you do? You are so tired and trying to get out of bed is unthinkable as your other half is blissfully unaware snoring away deep in their peaceful slumber.

This, my friends, is where acupressure comes into its own. In these little moments, a firm push on your favourite point will quell the endless waves and let you get some well-earned rest. The key is to find the point that works for you!

Acupuncture and Acupressure are based on an ancient Chinese medical system. Energy channels running through the body are diagnosed using signs and symptoms experienced and rebalanced using specific points. Modern research suggests that manipulating these points causes changes to hormone…

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