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The other week I was in my home town of Manchester. I ventured into the busy centre on Election day and quite aptly visited The Pankhurst Centre, home to Emmeline and her daughters at the height of their campaigning for women’s suffrage (and yes I DID vote – I arranged a postal vote this time).

In Bach flower speak, the Pankhursts epitomised the Vervain state: passionate, driven, fervent, and relentless in their pursuit of what they believed to be right.

In its extreme state, Vervain goes to any lengths, irrespective of personal comfort and even life. The suffragettes were imprisoned several times over for their militant action, went on hunger strikes and suffered brutal force-feeding. Emily Davison, probably one of the most famous of the group, lost her life after throwing herself under the King’s horse at the Epsom Derby in 1913.

Vervain is the soapbox state. We believe ourselves to be right and wish to convert the world to our way of thinking. As a woman, I’m thankful to the suffragettes for their Vervain personalities and personal sacrifice. Women over 30 got the vote in 1918, and in 1928 could vote if over 21.

Negative Vervain, however, is not a healthy state to be in for any length of time. An inner conviction literally drives our every thought and action, we put unnecessary effort into everything and we push ourselves beyond our limits. This results in using up our precious energy reserves, and an unwillingness and inability to relax. Stress, nervous tension, insomnia are all common.

Workaholics, perhaps with a goal or aggressive deadline in sight, can easily fall into this state. So too can modern campaigners fighting injustice.

Dr Bach said “Vervain teaches us that it is by being rather than doing that great things are accomplished”.

Positive Vervain lives by her truth but instead of imposing her views on those around, leads by example. Taking a broader view of life, new ideas are welcomed rather than squashed. She adopts a calmer, wiser approach to life, able to relax, and uses her energy wisely.

There are obviously times when we need to fight for a cause. The secret is in not squandering our energy, and in approaching it with wisdom and courage. Suffragettes were famous for chaining themselves to railings. With the threat of fracking looming large, I fear I may have to resort to such tactics. Drip-feed of Vervain at the ready. 🙂 🙂