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More and more people are moving away from dairy and looking for alternative milks to have in their teas or over their breakfast cereals in the morning.

I remember (with a shudder) the small bottles of lukewarm free milk we were given at junior school. Slogans such as “full of natural goodness” and “milk’s gotta lotta bottle” brainwashed us into thinking we were doing our health a favour by drinking it.

Mother Nature designed milk as a nurturing, easy-to-digest, “all-in-one” liquid meal for an infant of the same species, and humans are the only species that choose to drink milk from another animal and do so well past infancy!! One of the problems is that lactase, our digestive enzyme which helps us digest the milk sugar lactose, starts to decline after age two. Hence, why a lot of people struggle with dairy after this age.  Problems with digestion…

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