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We’ve had a few scorching hot days recently and with the promise of a few more (hopefully), it’s well worth remembering to keep up your quota of water.

I love my filtered water, and really appreciate its fresh taste, especially on a hot summer’s day, but recently, I came across a recipe for a lemon and lime drink, and am now hooked!

I’ve added a smidgeon of raw honey to sweeten it, but I can imagine it would still be too tart for some palates, so it’s worth experimenting. Watering it down works well to bring the sharpness down a few pegs too!!

Use organic and unwaxed lemons and limes to ensure you get the highest nutrient value but the lowest toxicity count with each sip!

As you are using the whole fruit, you need a blender with a bit of a “bite” to cut through the rind and pith. I chopped both the lemon and lime into very small chunks to give even my Vitamix a helping hand.

Citrus fruit gives you a boost of Vitamin C with accompanying anti-inflammatory bioflavonoids, most of which can be found in the pith. These include rutin (strengthens capillaries), quercitin (prevents the release of histamine) and hesperidin (also strengthens capillaries and useful for varicose veins).

Another great benefit is that both lemons and limes are incredibly alkalising! (If you accidentally squeeze some juice in your eye, boy, you know about it, but when digested, both fruits become alkalising.) This lemon and lime drink therefore helps to hydrate and alkalise! That’s two big ticks for our health!

Please note that the rind also contains oxalates which can reduce absorption of calcium, and if eaten a lot can also contribute to kidney and gall stones, so if worried about this, peel the fruit first, leaving just the pith. With everything, moderation is key!!    

Lemon and Lime Drink

  • 1 litre water
  • 1 lemon chopped into small chunks
  • 1 lime chopped into small chunks
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey
  • Whiz in a blender until broken down and frothed up!
  • May need a smidgeon more honey for those who prefer things a bit sweeter.
  • Sieve out the pithy bits.
  • If preferred, can water down a little so that it isn’t as sharp.

Serve on a hot summer’s day 🙂 🙂