My recent post for Natural Health Star – all about boosting your diet with some nutrient rich home grown sprouts

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From Seed to Sprout: a short journey

Modern day eating and “foraging” in supermarkets has cultivated a massive disconnect with our food. How often when munching on, say, a handful of sunflower seeds do you appreciate where they actually came from? Answer – a sunflower!! Seeds are a plant’s offspring; they fall to the earth, and when conditions are right, they start to grow, first sprouting, then slowly maturing from a baby plant into a fully grown one and, in the case of our sunflower seeds, into a very tall gorgeously sunny flower that can’t but help make us smile. 🙂 🙂

A seed, be it a sunflower seed or a mung bean, is a tiny storage capsule packed with nutrients and enzymes designed to lie dormant until conditions are such that the plant has the best chance of survival.

Watering the seeds starts what is known as “germination”. It…

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