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Buddha Bowl Salad

Buddha Bowl Salad – suitable bowls

The word “bowl” conjures up in my mind pictures of warming soups and stews, perhaps even childhood puddings; all dishes infused with warmth and a big dollop of love.

To me, a bowl somehow seems more nurturing than a plate, even a nicely coloured one!

For years now I have favoured the use of a bowl and spoon to eat my meals, over the conventional plate, knife and fork. I have been creating Buddha bowls without realising they had a name! I looked on them more as “Bung-bowls” (Judith being a bung-it-in chef rather than following recipes!)

The Urban Dictionary Definition of “Buddha Bowl” is as follows: a bowl which is packed so full that it has a rounded “belly” appearance on the top much like the belly of a Buddha

As you plunge your spoon down, it’s a voyage of discovery into hidden layers of scrumminess, perhaps a stray olive or a spoonful of delicious carrot salad or creamy hummus.

For me, it’s important to have a mixture of colours and textures, grains, pulses, vegetables (salads and/or cooked), perhaps a few nuts or seeds, or a boiled egg and a nice sauce. Bung all your favourite things into a generously sized bowl for one person and chomp away.

Buddha Bowl Salad

Buddha Bowl Salad

To assemble. (1) Chop up things into small bits. You don’t want to be fishing in an already full bowl for, say, a big piece of carrot. You’ll end up spilling more of it! (2) Layer things. So, perhaps, a spoonful of rice or two at the bottom with some steamed veg as a base, then on top of that lots of different salad bits and so on.

Here are some suggestions of what to include.

BASE (choose one of)

* Cooked short grain brown rice * Cooked quinoa (perhaps cooked with a little turmeric, sun dried tomatoes and seaweed) * Steamed sweet potato

SALAD BITS (knock yourself out with as many as you like or fits in your bowl!)

* Chopped up tomato * chopped up cucumber * grated carrot * sprouts (alfalfa, broccoli etc) * green leaves (such as rocket) – roughly broken up * herbs (such as basil leaves) – roughly broken up * chopped up peppers (yellow, orange and red) * cauliflower rice * etc

COOKED VEG – Steamed (Same as for salad bits)

* Wilted spinach * green beans * cauliflower florets chopped * broad beans when in season * etc

PROTEIN (choose one of)

* Avocado chunks * Portion of pulses (or could have in a sauce – such as hummus) * Boiled egg sliced up * Bean eggah (omelette) – sliced up into cubes * Nut cheese * Pistachio nuts (roughly ground or pre-soaked)  * Sunflower / pumpkin seeds (pre-soaked)

EXTRAS (choose however many you fancy)

* Raisins (pre-soaked) * Seaweed (pre-soaked) – chopped * Sundried tomatoes (pre-soaked) – chopped * Black olives (pitted) * Homemade sauerkraut

Sauce / Dip (choose just one – let’s not be greedy!)

* Olive Oil with optional Himalayan salt and lemon/lime juice * Hummus * Guacamole * Pesto * Ginger sauce (mix together olive oil, garlic, grated ginger, a little tamari, raw honey and apple cider vinegar) * Pumpkin Seed sauce (mix together some pumpkin seed butter, a little lime juice, Bragg’s Aminos, garlic and a little water) * any other healthy sauce you like making

SEASONINGS (if not already used in sauce/dip)

* Himalayan Salt * Freshly ground black pepper * Grated fresh ginger * Grated fresh turmeric * Pressed garlic

Happy Days 🙂 🙂

Buddha Bowl Salad

Buddha Bowl Salad