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Modern life is so fast-paced that even eating, a much loved activity, is shoe-horned into our daily back-to-back activities. When was the last time you sat down quietly with your food, chewed and savoured each mouthful, not worrying about what you were supposed to be doing next or even rushing off to do it? When was the last time you ate a meal without multi-tasking (watching TV, getting the children ready for school, reading the paper or internet)?

At its extreme, many people skip breakfast and grab a coffee and muffin en route to the office.  Lunch is often a sandwich made by someone they don’t even know, and dinner is a pre-packaged offering zapped in the microwave late at night.  All washed down with pills and potions for indigestion, ulcers and digestive upsets!!

This may only describe the lot of the commuter, but most of us, at some time…

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