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There has been a noticeable chill in the air for some weeks now, especially at night, but the Equinox on 23rd September moved us officially into the autumn season.

It can be a beautiful time of year as we observe nature’s garments transform from lush greens to golds and reds, especially if the sun comes out to play, but cold winds and damp weather can play havoc with our health, so it’s worth taking a little extra care. As always, it is wise to take our cues from Mother Nature.

Slow down a little

Autumn health and slowing down-natural health star

As autumn unfolds, we need to get in tune with nature by gradually slowing down and adapting our diaries to suit the shorter days and colder weather. Trying to maintain a 24/7 lifestyle during the colder and darker months puts extra stress on our cells and can undermine our health.

Eat warmer foods

Autumn and…

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