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Earthing for HealthThere is something inherently calming about feeling warm grass under my feet. Ditto whilst standing barefoot on sand, freshly damp from the tide.

With spring well underway and a surprising burst of beautiful sunny days, now is the time to go footloose and fancy-free on your lawn!! Walking (or dancing!!) barefoot on grass (or sand) is known simply as “Earthing”. It is our way of tapping into, and nourishing ourselves with, Mother Earth’s energies. Not only is it good for our health, but it’s entirely free too.

There is just one precaution to take, and that is to ensure that your patch of Mother Earth is au naturel, i.e. it hasn’t been treated with chemicals. Sadly, most parkland is riddled with toxins, so we want to stay well clear of that!!

It’s a rare human who doesn’t spend silly amounts of time glued to a PC, mobile, TV, etc., and usually indoors! This isn’t natural and it certainly isn’t healthy. Instead of being exposed regularly to the beneficial, nurturing energies provided by Nature, we live in a smog of Electro Magnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and a preponderance of positive ions. The result? Our cells are frazzled, and not too surprisingly, a lot of us regularly feel well under par, stressed to the hilt, and with little vitality.

Taking time out, disconnecting from the frenetic energy of modern life and instead connecting to source – i.e. Mother Earth – allows our cells to breathe a sigh of relief and de-stress. To do this, however, we need to go barefoot. Modern footwear tends to have rubber soles which insulate us from the Earth’s energies.

Most people are aware to some extent of EMFs, but positive and negative ions are less well known, so I shall attempt an explanation.

The air we breathe is a mixture of positive and negative ions (electrically charged particles) and these have a huge impact on our physiology. The bottom line is that we function better when there are more negative ions. Excess positive ions in the body are associated with disease and degeneration. For instance, when positive ions dominate in the bloodstream, the blood is stickier, which means less oxygen is reaching each cell, leaving us feeling sluggish both mentally and physically. Negative ions, on the other hand, help us to cleanse and heal, leading to greater vitality and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Computers, TVs, air-conditioning, and other electronic equipment constantly release positive ions into the air.

Negatively charged ions come from natural sources such as waterfalls, the sea and rainstorms. Think of an electrical storm. Beforehand there is a density of positive ions which makes the air feel heavy and muggy. Once the storm has passed, we all feel a huge relief. Why? The air is fresher and the storm has cleared both the air and our bodies of positive ions.

Another invaluable source is the Earth’s surface which plays host to a limitless supply of free electrons. When we discard shoes and socks, and put our bare feet on grass, sand or water (oooooooooo – doesn’t it feel good? :)), the soles of our feet “breathe in” a stream of negative ions into our body, which can cancel out the destructive positive ions, thus rebalancing us at all levels.

It’s like recharging ourselves, just as we do our mobile phones!!

Here are just some of the numerous health benefits from “earthing” or “grounding” yourself.

🙂 Reduces stress and has a calming effect

🙂 Reduces inflammation and chronic pain

🙂 Increases energy

🙂 Relieves muscle tension and headaches

🙂 Normalises the body’s biological rhythms

🙂 Improves blood pressure and flow

🙂 Dramatically speeds healing

🙂 Helps to balance us emotionally

🙂 Protects the body against EMFs

So go on ……… liberate those tootsies ……… go grass- and sand-paddling ……… plug into the incredible energy network of Nature and reap the benefits. AND it’s completely FREE!! 🙂 🙂