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I have just spent a lovely week with friends and their family of 3 dogs, 6 cats, ducks, hens and sheep, in glorious Spanish sunshine. I spent a fair chunk of time trying to photograph the bouncy dogs and elusive cats, all of which taught me a lesson in living very much in the now!!!

As a cat lazes in the shade, I doubt he / she is worrying about what they did yesterday or what might happen tomorrow.

Mindfulness Cat-mode and Dog-mode

Let’s just enjoy the moment, let’s stretch a little, then curl up and snooze.

Oh no, there’s that crazy camera lady. Let’s flit!!

Mindfulness Cat-mode and Dog-mode 

Dogs are very much in the moment kind of creatures too.  

A car on the road outside? Let’s bark and rush to the gate. Car disappears. Let’s go back to lazing. 

Leads being collected from their hook? It’s walk time. Yay!! Excitement.

As we walk along with them, they literally follow their noses and explore the pathways with unquenchable excitement. New sniffing opportunities with every step taken.

And then we are back inside the garden. There must be a treat each.

Treats gobbled, then back to a nice sit down   

….. and so forth.

Mindfulness Cat-mode and Dog-mode

 I’m not suggesting we flit from one task to another or rush to the window every time a car passes by, but having the enthusiasm of a dog, putting our energy and focus into the moment at hand, and staying curious, looks like a positive way of approaching life.    


And miaow!!       

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Mindfulness Cat-mode and Dog-modeSharing a good joke!!