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Try a spot of rainbow juicing and smoothing for vibrant good health

Blog 2014-10-21 Richard of York and Rainbow Juices Poem - Before
Richard of York gave battle in vain
When from favourite foods he tried to abstain
Due to years of big meals, he had piled on the pounds
And his figure, once slim, was now rather round!!
The court dietician was called in to advise
His words were to simply cut down on the pies
And count lots of calories, but calories galore
Left Rick feeling hungry and just wanting more!
Now a travelling nutritionist was coming to York
And was summoned by Richard to give him a talk
He spoke of fresh fruit, and of water and veg,
Of juicing and smoothing, all très cutting edge!
The court was in uproar that such “nonsense” be uttered
Just where was the essential meat, eggs, fish and butter?
But Richard was fed up of being so stout
So in went the good stuff and the bad came right out!
For a month Richard juiced and he smoothed every day
His energy went up and his weight dropped – way hey!
His joints ached far less, an old rash disappeared
His bowels were a dream and his headaches all cleared!
Blog 2014-10-21 Richard of York and Rainbow Juices Poem - After
So by Richard of York giving battle in vain
I hope it’s inspired you. The message is plain.      
To enjoy the best health, try to make lots of uses
Of a rainbow of colours in your smoothies and juices !!!
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